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Rendcem (UK) Limited

We specialise in External Wall Insulation, plastering and external rendering. we serve all types of property, including new builds and refurbishments.

Rendcem (UK) Limited

We specialise in External Wall Insulation, plastering and external rendering. we serve all types of property, including new builds and refurbishments.

Rendcem (UK) Limited

We specialise in External Wall Insulation, plastering and external rendering. we serve all types of property, including new builds and refurbishments.

Rendering in Birmingham

Rendering in Birmingham is one of the most trusted names in the business of external rendering as well as internal wall rendering in Birmingham and London for both residential and commercial properties. We are committed to offering our customers the ultimate experience in home and business space rendering in the UK without compromising on affordability.

There are numerous advantages of using a quality rendering in Birmingham for your property and at times, it can prove to be useful in resolving several issues simultaneously. While one of the key reasons for rendering is to improve the overall appearance of your property, it can also help in masking cracks, damage, or boring and ugly brickwork.

Rendering versus plastering

The most significant difference between plastering and rendering in Birmingham is that while the former is applied to your property’s internal walls, the latter is strictly meant to be used on external surfaces. Although sand, water, and cement are commonly used in preparing a render, lime is also added on most times. Note that different quantities of cement, water, and sand are used in plastering and rendering.

The key differences between plastering and rendering in Birmingham are listed below.

An increased amount of cement and coarse sand are required in the rendering process for improving the wall strength and making them more durable against harsh weather conditions like snow and rainfall.

Fine-grained sand is used in the plastering along with less quantity of cement for achieving a smoother as well as finer finish that is easier to decorate and paint.

There are various kinds of rendering available today, such as smooth and pebbledash, to name a few.

As long as the property rendering in Birmingham is done by experienced and qualified professionals, it can create an effective insulation layer along with preventing dump from penetrating your home through the brickwork.

The key to impeccable rendering in Birmingham is to critically assess in the first place what kind of render will be appropriate for your property.

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Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal With Cutting-edge External Rendering in Birmingham

Although the cavity walls in the present-day homes often function as an insulator, a property constructed in the Edwardian era or before is likely to lack one. However, insulation can be added to the exterior surfaces of your walls before rendering them and accomplishing an inconspicuous finish.

If you do not wish to have insulation installed inside the property, which, in turn, will reduce internal space, you may consider external wall insulation. With our handpicked team of rendering experts for external insulation and external rendering in Birmingham, we are fully capable of completing external insulation works in a timely fashion sans affecting the looks of your property. As it becomes increasingly energy-efficient in the process, you will also be benefitting from the reduced energy expenditure in the long-term

Our four-step external rendering in Birmingham is summarised as follows.

  • Scaffolding erected

We will work with minimal disruption to your daily routine by installing the right kind of scaffolding at your premises.

  • Old façade removed

We will remove the previous rendering (if any) from the walls before commencing our own.

  • Basecoat applied

We will apply one to three coats of primer for minimising the odds of crack formation over time.

  • Rendering completed

The sophisticated external rendering in Birmingham offered by us is purpose-designed to last for several years and will also not be susceptible to inclement weather conditions.

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Add Texture  To Your Home Interiors With  Internal Rendering In Birmingham

Internal wall rendering was introduced long before the invention of plasterboards. Mud was used historically for internal rendering in Birmingham and several other places across the globe, followed by cement and more recently, modern acrylic rendering. Being neglected for decades as an ideal wall treatment for the home interiors, of late, there is a renewed interest in the home and commercial rendering in the UK. Today, there are thousands of satisfied homeowners in the country who are transforming the looks of their property interiors with affordable internal rendering in Birmingham and elsewhere.

Internal rendering versus painting

The key difference between painting and internal rendering in London is that the latter helps you add texture and depth to the interior walls of your property. Some rendering effects are listed as follows.

  • Mudbrick appearance with the help of colored rendering and special trowelling techniques
  • A minimalistic or contemporary industrial appearance through natural concrete rendering
  • Vivid coloured and rough-textured rendering on feature walls

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